Howdy, Y’all!

Hi friends! Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Danielle Martinez, and I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Relations at the best university, Texas State University. I’d really love to get to know you all, so I’ll start first by sharing a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in College Station, Texas. I lived there for 22 years of my life and finally moved out of my hometown in May 2014 to San Marcos. I am a first generation student, which is more motivation to pursue my dream of having my own event planning business.  As a Gemini, I’m very open-minded and love a little bit of everything.

DanielleGrowing up I’ve always wanted to have my own garden. However, I was always hesitant because I thought the hobby was expensive and required a set of skills. Fortunately, I learned that I was wrong. As a student, I do not know many other students that garden. I find it to be a truly calming, therapeutic hobby. It is not stressful and the results can be very satisfying. So, my plan is to blog about gardening on a college student budget. My audience is not solely for college students, but rather anyone that thinks gardening is expensive and time-consuming.

Because I live in an apartment, I am going to focus on container gardening. I’ve only been gardening for a few months now, but I have been quite successful. I hope to explore an array of techniques that allows the growth of different types of plants. I also hope to incorporate websites and places I trust. My goal is to give my readers options. Not everyone wants to grow the same flower or vegetable and everyone has different preferences. If I can do it, then so can you!

I am happily open to suggestions, advice, and feedback.

Best wishes,



10 thoughts on “Howdy, Y’all!

  1. Marena says:

    I’m so proud that you found a hobby you love. So I read an article the other day. This lady built aini greenhouse put of plastic CDs cases. So I might have some to donate to you because I have no need for them.Can’t wait to read more. Haha I thought about blogging but I don’t know.

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  2. Judy LeUnes says:

    I love this blog! I used to garden and had a ton of house plants until life changed and I no longer had time. I want to learn to do container gardening for my self but especially for my perfect little granddaughters. I KNOW as a former public school educator with 40 years experience that children today do not understand where vegetables and fruit come from much less beef! I look forward to learning from you!

    I will also say that I am working hard to get out of the “aquarium hobby” and just turned in one of my aquariums into a terrarium and that would also be something for college students or old people to do that will bring joy and they can be successful with. My terrarium is doing great and one of the plants that was recommended is growing so fast that it is getting ready to touch the light so I will move it out and do more research on plants that grow out instead of up!

    Please continue to post about gardening that I can start with my granddaughters because I am clueless about container gardening. We have room for a big garden but I don’t want something that is soooooo time consuming!

    Thanks for starting this blog! I am so glad I saw it on Facebook! Congratulations on being first generation college student. Your family must be so proud of you!

    A Grandma!

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    • dnm46 says:

      Thank you SO much Judy!! It means a lot that you are looking forward to my blog! I wasn’t sure if my topic would interest people, but so far quite a few people are really interested! I know those perfect granddaughters would really love to watch the process of where fruits and vegetables come from! I hope I can provide plenty of information for your lovely garden. & I love the terrarium idea! I’ve always wanted to try that, so I will have to look into that and blog about it!


    • dnm46 says:

      aw well yay! I’m glad I could help with that! That’s one of the reasons I started. Our last apartment didn’t have much room on the patio and our current apartment is perfect for plants. It’s very rewarding and a wonderful therapeutic hobby.


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