Don’t Stop Believin’

Why hello there, friends! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Well, I’d like for you all to first understand my growing garden. As I have never grown plants by myself, I must say that it is truly rewarding growing and keeping plants alive and well. As I mentioned in my first post, I’m fairly new to the gardening world. While I was getting advice before starting my garden I was told many times to not be discouraged if I was not successful the first couple of times. This advice remains as great advice on this journey, but I would love to show what I have accomplished so far!

Organic Cilantro, Sweet Basil and Zinnia planted seedlings.

Organic Cilantro, Sweet Basil and Zinnia planted seedlings.

I started out with Sweet Basil, Organic Cilantro, and Zinnia planted seedlings. I kept these containers outside, so that they could receive direct sunlight. I could not contain my excitement so I checked on my plants daily. In San Marcos, we have had a really hot summer, so I had to make sure my seedlings stayed hydrated.

Fast forward 10 weeks to now, I have 6 beautiful, growing plants! I learned quickly that this weather is not an ideal environment for Cilantro. Cilantro plants can be a little needy, but most importantly if it is too hot for them, then they don’t grow happily. While I have 3 Zinnia plants and 3 Basil plants, I also have an aloe vera succulent as well as a box full of different succulents. On this adventure I truly hope to expand my garden, so that I can provide you all with my experience. Take a look at some of my beautiful plants that I have today!

Best wishes,


3 Sweet Basil plants.

3 Zinnia plants.Blooming Zinnia


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