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Photo Credit: Danielle Martinez

One of the many things I’ve enjoyed during my blogging journey is the opportunity to explore an abundance of other blogs. There’s a blog about anything you can think of, but my favorite are those that focus on gardening. As a newbie to the blog world, I have really loved the diversity and levels of creativity I’ve been exposed to thus far. I have come across a blog that focuses on gardening as a therapy to a blog that focuses on the crafty DIY projects in gardening. The ideas are endless and it is so encouraging to be inspired by successful bloggers and gardeners.

Stella d'oro

Photo Credit: Elizabeth, Writer of Garden 4 Therapy

A blog that has particularly stood out to me is Garden 4 Therapy. Elizabeth, the writer, has really created an informational, user-friendly site. Not only does she have a beautiful garden, but she also presents her garden in such a unique way. First, I was really intrigued by the format of the blog. It is really easy to get around and find what you’re interested in. My favorite pages are The Daylily Collection and The Orchid Collection. The use of colorful and decorative pictures creates the page without explanation. The pictures speak for themselves and gives the readers a glimpse of the flower collection. I find this attribute really unique!

I caught myself captured in the side bar of the blog. Blogging requires interaction and Garden 4 Therapy gives you many options to do so. I love the Top Posts and Pages and Instagram widgets. The pictures on Instagram and the Top Posts and Pages gives the blog pops of color, which makes the page fun to be on. Everyone loves catchy pictures, so the amount of pictures gives readers plenty to be engaged with. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your garden with us!

A day without learning is a day wasted, so explore the information that is available to you! It is so worth your time.

Happy Gardening,



2 thoughts on “-Inspiration-

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! Thanks, Danielle, for the awesome review! I’m so glad you visited and liked my blog! You’re doing a great job here at Danielle’s Green Thumb, and I will be back to see how your “sharing the garden love” is progressing. You’ve inspired me to add some garden recipes to my site – great idea! Again, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dnm46 says:

      Of course! & thank you for your support! It really makes my day to have you follow along on my journey. I look forward to your recipes, especially those using your garlic!


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