Yummy Basil Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, Basil Bloody Mary, fresh Basil, lemon, vodka

Graphic courtesy of Danielle Martinez

Hey, there! I don’t know about you, but I love a delicious Bloody Mary! While I’m waiting for my other herbs and vegetables to grow, I have been creative with my only herb, basil. My boyfriend and I were craving a yummy Bloody Mary, so we decided to try something new: Basil Bloody Mary. I have tried a few different Bloody Mary’s and I’ve learned that most restaurants’ are not alike. So, I looked around on the internet and found a few recipes that I liked, such as the Bloody Mary recipe from A Beautiful Mess. Though I wanted to create my own unique Bloody Mary, which the recipe is as follows.


  • Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix
  • Fresh Basil
  • 1-2 oz Vodka of your choice
  • Lemon
  • Black pepper
  • Sriracha
  • Salt (if desired for salted rim)

First, break up 2 leaves of fresh Basil into a shaker. To extract the essential oils in the Basil, muddle the basil in the shaker. If you aren’t familiar with muddling, I have found the About website to be very helpful. I, myself, do not own a muddler, but get creative and use something that you have in the kitchen! After muddling the Basil, put a few ice cubes in the shaker. Next, add the vodka, Bloody Mary mix, black pepper, Sriracha, and lemon juice.

An awesome concept about making your own Bloody Mary is the fact that you can control how spicy, peppery, or strong your drink is. If you can handle really spicy, then I would suggest adding a few good squirts of Sriracha. To be honest, I am not a fan of Sriracha on food; however, the bell pepper taste the Sriracha provides in a Bloody Mary is my favorite! I strongly recommend giving it a try. If you are really not a fan of Sriracha, Tabasco is a great alternative. Remember, a few drops of Tabasco goes a long way, so be careful with how much you add.

Lastly; shake, shake, shake! Grab yourself a cold mug, salt the rim if desired, and fill the glass with ice. Pour the drink over the ice and enjoy!

Basil Bloody Mary, Fresh Basil, container gardening, herbs

Basil Bloody Mary – Photo Credit: Danielle Martinez

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and perhaps you can give this delicious drink a try! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, then please do so below!

Happy Gardening,



2 thoughts on “Yummy Basil Bloody Mary

    • dnm46 says:

      To be honest, I fell in love with Bloody Mary’s like 2 years ago. I didn’t think I would like them, but I love them! This recipe is super refreshing and not too spicy, so it’s perfect! You should try it!


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