No Need To Worry!

Howdy, friends!

I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend. It has been a busy week for myself, but it has been productive! Hopefully, you all have some little plants growing. Considering the amount of rain San Marcos has received in the last few weeks, my garden has faced some bumps in the road. No need to worry, I addressed them in a hurry!

In the slideshow below, I have provided pictures of the tasks I’ve had to take on and solve.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have a mean squirrel that loves digging into my plants. I first tried a home remedy, cinnamon, to test if that would deter the squirrel(s). It seemed to work the first night, but sure enough the squirrel came back a couple days later. Next solution, I went to Garden-Ville in which I bought an All-Natural squirrel repellent. I sprayed the repellent all over my plants and patio. Worked the first two nights, and unfortunately I walk out to see potting soil all over the patio a few days later. I’m going to heavy up on the spray and also try another home remedy, cayenne pepper. I’m determined to keep the squirrels away from my plants, but maybe it’s the type of vegetable plant that attracts the squirrels. If you have any suggestions or advice, I’d love to hear!

The other problem I have faced is water fungus. This problem is not super threatening and can be solved easily. The water fungus is the result of over watering. I water my plants everyday, but with all of the rain we recently received the plants suffered from too much water. To prevent the problem from spreading, remove the infected leaves. If you leave the infected leaves on the plant, the fungus will spread.

I have found the Scrap Shoppe Blog to be very useful with some other tricks for repelling squirrels from your garden.

These small issues have expanded my knowledge on gardening and I hope this post serves use to those who may be facing these same issues. My best advice is to always ask questions and do research! I wouldn’t have been able to address my problems so quickly without simply asking questions. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please do so below!

Send positive vibes to you all — Happy Gardening,



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