Happy Holidays!

Hey y’all! I hope you all have had a great weekend. I am super excited for this next week because on Thursday I will have completed one year at Texas State University. This semester I took on 15 hours plus working, which has kept me super busy; Yet, I love the challenge! I’ve particularly loved blogging! I actually started this blog as an assignment for my class Fundamentals of Digital & Online Media in which I have had to engage on social media and create unique content.

Happy Holidays

While there are some specific tools that have especially made this experience successful, the overall WordPress platform is super user-friendly and allows you to be so creative! A specific tool that enhances the quality of my posts is the add media button. I’ve learned that people are more likely to view my posts if visuals are included. I love getting creative with photography and editing pictures. Pixlr, a photo editing app, has been another extremely effective tool to edit photos. With this app, I have also been able to add my signature on my photos. The tool that is probably my least favorite is the sharing tool. I find it awesome that it shares to multiple social media accounts at once, but it uses different pictures on different social media. I wish I could either pick the picture on the promoting post or they all be the same.

This experience will be very helpful in developing my blogging, writing, editing, & professional skills. With the skills and tools I have used, I will be able to implement and skillfully use them in a future position. For an internship, I will be able to use these skills in order to professionally monitor a company’s social media or promote a business of my own.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.14.14 PM

According to the statistics provided by WordPress, September was the most popular month. The week of September 14th was the most popular week with 139 views due to September 17th being the most viewed day with 101 views.  My first blog post ‘Howdy Y’all’ is the most popular post. I think it has the most views because a lot of people were curious to see the content. Looking at the statistics, Sunday is the most popular day for views and 8:00pm is the most popular hour. It makes sense for Sunday to be my most popular day because most of my viewers tend to be on social media posting about their weekends.

In conclusion, I hope I can make these numbers grow and engage more through blogging. I truly appreciate all of the support I’ve had thus far and my goal is to continue providing advice and information relating to gardening!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Happy Gardening,



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